Sunday, June 24, 2012

Favorite Math Facts Practice

Xtramath is amazing! I setup a class account and tested it out on my students (still in school because we are year round). They love it! It allows them individualized practice. Since I only have five computers in my classroom it provides an automatic prompt with the next student's name. I just typed up the passwords and hung them on each computer chair with a metal ring. The students run the whole thing each day. The best part is it's FREE! NO MORE COPIES or GRADING or MANAGING PAPER! And NO MORE STRESS or PRESSURE for those students with anxiety!

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  1. Xtra Math is a good program. If you want to try something else after a while, a similar program is Students use the mouse instead of the keyboard, there are joke videos to watch to break up the monotony, and it's a little smarter - instead of just using 3 seconds per fact to determine fluency, Math Facts Pro determines each student's fluency speed. (speedy kids can count faster than 3 seconds, and slow kids sometimes take longer to recall fluently) You can start with any operator you want, and students can submit their own jokes to be approved. While the lite version with paper reports instead of electronic tracking is free, there is a free trial of the full version (30 days for all students or 5 students for a year), and then it's only $1/student for a year. I hope you give it a try. Good luck with the facts!

    Mark Berg
    Math Facts Pro