Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lesson Plan Book

I am excited about my new lesson plan book. I added the four mini-lessons boxes and strategy group boxes so it will fit with my Daily 5 program. I also added an objectives page for each week to keep me on track! I just need to take it to Office Max and get it spiral bound.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Favorite Math Facts Practice

Xtramath is amazing! I setup a class account and tested it out on my students (still in school because we are year round). They love it! It allows them individualized practice. Since I only have five computers in my classroom it provides an automatic prompt with the next student's name. I just typed up the passwords and hung them on each computer chair with a metal ring. The students run the whole thing each day. The best part is it's FREE! NO MORE COPIES or GRADING or MANAGING PAPER! And NO MORE STRESS or PRESSURE for those students with anxiety!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

iPAD apps

I attended an iPAD collaboration class on Monday and have been playing with some new apps. What I am playing with now: obviously...Photobooth, CommonCore, Dragon Dictation, Mouse Lite, TimeReading, Sight Words, Rover, Educreations, Penultimate, Glow Draw, Mad Math but like Grade 2 Splash Math better, Geometry4Kids, Story Wheel, Chr Creations, Globe, Simplex Spell 2, PuppetPals HD, Strip Design, Bluster, Emoji Free!, IMovie, Kunder Free and if you like the story you have to get Santa...scanner, I Like Books, Magnetic Board.

A Couple of My Favorite Things

Talking stick - students pass it around in morning circle when they have a turn to speak. My favorite clipboard. Hodge Podge, doggie print paper, ribbons. Still some hodge podge stuck to the craft table. Google eye glasses. Fun for readers that need extra incentive to focus. I spy with my "LITTLE EYES"!

Daily 5

I am excited about the Daily 5 share. I just read the book and had to go buy The CAFE Book the next day. My brain is going crazy thinking of how to make it work for my students! Check out to link up for ideas.

High Frequency

My students love building words every day with SANDY. It is great practice and they love spelling it and guessing it.

Classroom 2011-2012

I never posted the pics of my classroom move to the portable and now as I finish up this year I am making changes again. I thought I better add the changes from my initial move-in now! Only a little TARDY...say 11 months!