Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Place Value Mat

I made some improvements to the place value mat.  I added pictures of the base ten blocks and money that represents the same value.  I am excited to play around with the mat when we do money.  I am hoping when we do double digit addition and subtraction that the money concept will carry over!   

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cookie Jars for the Cake Auction

Fathers Day Gift

I can't wait to fill it with perfectly made chocolate chip cookies by Wade.  I know my Dad will love it.  And I will love that my brothers will have to open a BYU jar to get a cookie!  Ha ha Ute fans!

Fathers Day Gift

My very cute friend came over and we made this for Fathers Day.  We cut the vinyl on the Cricut.  She had such a cute idea with New York Yankees logo and filling the cookie jar with York Peppermint Patties!

Math Cans

Math Cans

I reworked my math cans for this year.  They are just crystal light cans with some fun deco on the outside.  They are all numbered now, so I can assign a number to each student.  This makes handing out manipulatives so easy.  My math can helper fills them for the week and passes them out for math.  My favorite part is the base ten rods and units fit perfectly inside.  My kids know you don't touch the math can until I give the go ahead.  That way the lid stays on during teacher time.  The bonus is they smell great too!

Pencil Box

I found this pencil box at Michaels and decorated it for my class.  You can write on the top with chalk. How cool is that.  I am going to keep pictures of our class in it and have them write comments throughout the year about their friends on the box. Between this and our class blog we should be able to have some more great writing prompts!  My brain can't stop thinking about writing ideas with the new core.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secretary day

This picture is tiny.  Sorry!  This was the cute gift we did for our amazing secretaries at Whitesides.  It was all about ice cream sundaes.  Embossing powder on the edge of each scoop added a really neat finishing touch.

Spongebob cake

This took forever with all the little pieces to cut on the cricut cake.  Plus I kept squishing his teeny tiny hand!

Our favorite kind of U cake! Love my cricut cake