Monday, July 19, 2010

Teacher Pencil Book

When our vice principal left we gave her this book with notes from all the students inside. When giving pages out before you put the book together you might want to let them know which direction to write. Some of the pages had to be put in upside down! It is still cute!

Vacation Album

Bree made a vacation album for her cousin Katie today. She used a manila envelope cut in half, so that you can store items inside, for the pages. It turned out fabulous! No misadventures when a ten year old is doing the work.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bulletin Board

This is our phonics bulletin board. We use it for activities and games during the week based upon our phonics skill. The kids love Chunky Monkey time and Chunky Monkey games.


I have never seen Julie be afraid of me before.
I had to take a break on this one and eat some chocolate for dinner!

I love this one. We finally figured it out together. Actually, we enlisted 14 year old Peery to help us use our new program Make the Cut. Just remember Vivaldi font is under "italics" or you will think something is defective for days...weeks...etc.


Talk about misadventures!!!!

Transfer tape was invented by a very sadistic individual!
Guess what? The kids still don't empty the lint!

Yes, I wear heels while I run the cricut. Doesn't everyone?
Actually, I wear heels to be as tall as Julie.

Always make sure you have enough vinyl to complete a project.
It was the LAUNDR room for at least a month.
Everyone kept telling me I spelled it wrong.
Duh! I am a teacher.

Try Regional Supply in Salt Lake for your vinyl.
Great prices and service!

We were laughing hysterically the first few times (or more) we worked with vinyl on the Cricut.
If you haven't tried have to be brave! Remember if we can do it, so can YOU!

Girls Camp 2010

Here are a few of the fun daily gifts for the girls. Inside of sticky note pad
Includes quote by Pres. Faust about Divine Nature
Love the fabric??
Sticky note pad for each of the girls
Made from a string of plastic beads and wooden embellishment from Joann's

Girls Camp 2010

We made dry erase whiteboards out of Bo Bunny paper and laminated them with the My Story. Just add a grommet and you are ready to hang on each tent. We only lost one of six due to lamination error...

Girls Camp 2010

The girls did an amazing job on their individual flags. When cutting fabric on the cricut make sure the iron on adhesive really ironed on! Also, it may take five tries to cut a three inch dog!!

Girls Camp 2010

This year the theme is "The King and I". When making a camp flag be careful not to burn iron marks into the fabric!